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Eviction process for rhode island Step 1 Serve tenant Step 2 Fill at courthouse Step 3 Tenant files answer Step 4 Court Hearing Step 5 Writ of Execution Share This Class: Overview Evictions are time consuming, stressful, and downright agenizing.  It’s even worse for landlords that are not familiar with the eviction process.  Information is very hard to come by and due to the COVID-19 protocol, you might find yourself having to schedule an appointment just to speak with someone in regard to going about the eviction process.  There are several forms that needs to be filled out and submitted to various departments during the eviction process.  We want to provide everyone the step-by-step process and forms needed to print, complete, and summit at the appropiate department. The basic steps of Evictions are: Serving your tenant(s) a notice Filing a complaint with the court Your tenant summitting an answer form…

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