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Don’t want your properties to consume your life? Don’t worry, we got you

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You don't need to take time off of work, cancel your vacation, or leave your house. We do everything on your behalf


Professionalism is a top priority in our business model. We work hard to provide the best and most affordable services to fit your needs

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We want to take the stress of dealing with your rental properties off your hands


We respond back to all inquires, maintenance request, and all other general questions within 24 hours.

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Anything you can think of when it comes to maintaining your property, we provide. Here are some of our following services


Snow Removal

Deep Cleaning

Payment Processing


Lease Agreement

Why would you need Property management

Lets face it, time is the most valuable commodity anyone has. The time being spent on keeping up with rental property, vacation homes, and tenant could consume all of your time. We value time, and believe that you should enjoy more of it!

Enjoy your freetime

Focus on your work

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We handle your tenants

Why I got started

What is most important

Going through my personal experience as a landlord made me realize that there is a void in my community for property management. We started the LB Real Estate Property Management division to help landlords reclaim their lives and relieve the stress of operating their rental properties.
Faustinus Davis


step-by-step process

Schedule a viewing

Click on “Schedule a viewing” and select the best time for us to come and see your property

Property Evaluation

We will give you an evaluation on how much rent your property is worth and how to increase value in your property.

We find your tenants

We list you property on our site and other advertising channels.  We review all applications that are submitted, conduct a background check, and schedule a time for the potential tenant(s) to see your property



You have to know before
you start anything

To take over an existing occupancy, we will charge 10% of the tenants rent.  After we collect your tenant(s) rent, we give you 90% of the rent, and keep 10% for our services.

Depending on what the repairs are, prices may vary.  When it comes to smaller repairs like changing locks/door knobs, patching holes in drywall, etc., we will handle that at no cost.  Refer to our full Maintenance list.

If your tenant violates one of the stipulations outlined in the lease agreement, we will give your tenant a 30-day notice to vacate the property.  

If you have a tenant that is on a month to month lease and you want them to leave, we will also give them a 30 day notice.

If they do not leave before the last day of the eviction notice, we will submit an official eviction with the city district court.  

For more details on the eviction process, check out our eviction process page.


Let us manage you property

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